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OMG!!! A new post!!!

2008-09-16 21:42:56 by ztbehnke

Yes yes this is a new post by me ztbehnke. I dont do flash movies. i tried flash once, it is too hard. i may go into flash once i get a computer for christmas. regarding my youtube account, ztbehnke1, it is doing well. i make videogame reviews aside from youtube poop. i really like it there. i wont return to this accoutn often unless i get back into flash. so.... if you want to talk to me, make a youtube account, if you dont already have one, and talk to me on there. so.... yeah. that's about it. If you like my youtube videos, please subscribe.

bye guys...

2008-01-08 22:20:49 by ztbehnke

i have an account on youtube now and will start making reviews and continue to make youtube poops. so this means bye newgrounds. i wont be making flash. i havent even been on this site in like 1 or 2 months. i have had the account on youtube for some time now. and to all of the people that helped me, thanks... also, the account on youtube is ztbehnke1 if any of yall want to check out my 2 youtube poops. also, i have 3 reviews up.

hey guys

2007-10-13 18:38:08 by ztbehnke

hey everyone i am a bit bummed out right now because my flash cs3 trial expired!!!!!!!!!!!! if anyone can tell me how to get the trial again i would be very pleased and please no forum request i do not want to join a bunch of forums! just pm me if u have any suggestions. hey also pm me if u guys have any suggestions on a movie. i am just starting out and as i said up there i do not have adobe anymore. when i get used to flash some more, i will try to make a movie of the suuggestions that u guys give me. i am also sorry to anyone that i offended in my recent review of a certain kitty krew movie. i have been banned from reviewing movies for 2 days.


if anyone could help me...

2007-09-29 19:46:02 by ztbehnke

i do not think that adobe is the best flash if anyone could tell me a better one that is easier to use i would be happy!

new to flash

2007-09-18 20:20:39 by ztbehnke

downloaded adobe flash just about a week ago, but still do not know how to work it. if any one could give tips i would be grateful.

new to NG

2007-09-10 08:33:50 by ztbehnke

If you happpened to find my profile, thanks for coming and i am new to ng so if anyone could help me to make a flash movie or give me some tips, i would be happy. i just started 2 or 3 days ago and i am happy with the site. i havent done much and i would really like to make a flash with some one.